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Standard Rules & Gaming

Safety - Equipment & Sportsmanship, Game Play & Rules, Scenario Styles & Formats
A brief outline for all social players

Safety - Equipment & Sportsmanship:


  • Paintball Goggles (face masks) must be worn correctly at all times on or near the playing fields.
  • Make sure that the goggle straps are tight and not loose.
  • Incorrectly worn, severe eye damage causing blindness can result.
  • Do not aim OR fire at anyone not wearing goggles. 

Paint markers:

  • At all times when not actually playing the game, a barrel sock should be placed over the end of the barrel to prevent a paintball from being fired accidentally.
  • Most paint-markers have a safety switch as well, but if you’re not intending to fire, your finger should not be on the trigger.
  • No paint-marker shall be fired outside of (or out of) the playing area.


  • All players must play in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner.
  • No physical contact, swearing or other aggressive behaviour is permitted.
  • No player shall fire upon spectators, referees, wildlife, neutral or eliminated players.
  • No player is permitted to consume alcohol during, or prior to, the game.

The Equipment we use:

Game Play & Rules:

Elimination Format:

  • All games played with an elimination format will have a short duration (usually 5 or 8 minutes).
  • Reserves, Spectators or Eliminated players may not give advice or directives to players whilst game is still on.
  • Once the game has begun, no player may enter the field of play or return to play after being “tagged”.
  • Usually the next game will start two minutes after the last game.
  • All players must be at their correct flag station at the start of play or be eliminated.

Note: A player should prepare themselves for the next game as soon as possible after being eliminated. It is the players’ responsibility to remove any splats before the start of the next game. (Check your team-mates).


Recycle Format - two phases; Recycling & Elimination:

  • Recycle Phase:

    • Tagged players must return to their D’Box and clean any paint splats before re-entering the game.
    • Recycling player should not re-enter the game in a position that is in a direct line of fire.
    • Attacking players shouldn’t fire upon players as they re-enter the game.
  • Elimination Phase:

    • After set time has elapsed, referees will call “Elimination, Elimination”.
    • Any players tagged before the Elimination Call can recycle back into the game.
    • Players tagged after the call, muster at the D’Box and cannot re-enter the game.

Flags & Points:

  • Flag Pull 20 points
  • Flag Hang 50 points
  • The Flag cannot be concealed.
  • Once tagged the flag carrier must place the flag on top of the nearest barricade.

Elimination definitions:

  • A “tag” is any hit were the paintball breaks leaving a splat larger than a 10 cent piece, anywhere on the body including carried equipment.
  • Once tagged, the player must cease firing, call “Tag” immediately and raise their hand or Paint-marker.
  • If a player signals their elimination (by either calling “Tag” or “Hit”, raising their hand or Paint-marker) then realize that the paintball “bounced”, they are still eliminated as they have called themselves out.
  • No player shall wipe, conceal or remove any paint without the referee’s permission.
  • A player not ceasing fire and calling tag when obviously tagged (Playing-On) will incur penalties and any resultant tagged opposition players can be returned to play at referee’s discretion.
  • At close range players should, if possible, ask an opponent to surrender, if the player decides to surrender they should call “Tag” as if they were hit.
  • If a player is unsure if the paint on them is a result of spray or in a position where they can’t check they should quickly check with a team mate or call for a “paint-check”.


  • Usually a referee won’t neutralize a player to paint-check them.
  • If a referee does neutralize a player, they will call “neutral player” and raise their white stick flag above the player’s position. No player should advance or fire upon a neutral player.
  • If the neutral player is clean, the referee will call “player clean...Game-on” and lower the flag.


  • Safety violations are the quickest way to lose points, keep your goggles on.
  • Warning penalty 10 points
  • Minor penalty 20 points
  • Major penalty 50 points
  • Any player continuing to break safety rules will be stopped from playing (no refunds)
  • Any players “playing-on” can incur 1:4:1 or 2:4:1 penalties. A One for One penalty involves the additional elimination of a team-mate, in a Two for
  • One penalty two team-mates are eliminated.

Tips, Tricks & Tactics: 
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Scenario Styles and Formats:

"Capture the Flag" and "Central Flag

Capture the Flag is where two opposing teams skirmish to capture the other side's flag and return it to their own flag station. Any player tagged with the Flag must place it on the nearest available cover. The flag should always be carried in the hand and not hidden.

Central Flag  is similar to Capture the Flag except one flag is located directly between the two teams. The first team to get the flag in the middle will score the “Flag Pull” (usually 20- points) this is only scored once per game for the first team there. When the flag is taken to the opposition’s Flag station, a “Flag Hang” (usually 50 points) is achieved provided the player has not been tagged.


Played across up to seven playing fields a larger attacking force must capture the waypoints to secure their line of supply in a race against the clock. Once tagged the attackers will return to play after returning to the recycle centre which will advance as the line of supply increases. Tagged defending players will retreat back a zone and form a new line of defense. This game is played on our Scenario Sundays walk-on games but can also be played with standard bookings. 

“Alien Invasion”

A small force of Aliens (Attackers) must eliminate all the Space Marines (Defenders) to win the game. Whenever an Alien is eliminated they will return to their starting point, get cleaned and re-enter the game. Any eliminated Space Marines re-enter the game as Aliens. Although the original Aliens are well out numbered at the start of the game, they soon recruit extra Aliens after eliminating a Space Marine. This format is well suited for smaller groups.
Storm the Bunker In a race against the clock one team must capture the Bunker off the other team. A flag is placed in front on the bunker and the attackers using team work & suppressive fire must get this flag back to their starting point to win this game within the time allowed.


The sport of paintball...
..........all about "Getting the Flag without being Tagged”.

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